How do I identify myself on freenode?

I can sign in as bbjimmy, but not bbjimmy_beta_64, what is the commans to use this nick on my registered account?

  1. Change your nickname to the registered one: /nick your_registered_nick
  2. Identify yourself: /ns identify your_password

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You can add bbjimmy_beta_64 in “Preferred nicks:”

I’ll just leave my generic response to all questions here:

Very carefully :smiley:

I’ve done that for bbjimmy, but I want to use bbjimmy_beta_64 on one computer and bbjimmy on the other one.

The above describes how to register a nick as well as grouped nicks on the same account.

so you could do
/nick bbjimmy_beta_64
/ns identify bbjimmy password
/ns identify GROUP

Then you’re second nick would be grouped with the first and you’d be able to login with it also I think.

Haven’t tried this myself but it should work.