How do I get started to contribute to a ticket?

I have worked on this ticket.

I have succesfully implemented the following functionalities:
g <keyword(s)> will search in google
w <keyword(s)> will search in wikipedia
b <keyword(s)> will search in bing
and all other queries will be searched in google(the default search engine)

According to to get started on working on a ticket I need to comment on the ticket saying I am interested in contributing. I commented on the ticket about 40 hours ago but I didn’t recieve any reply. Am I missing something?


The doc does not mention that you need to wait for a reply :slight_smile:
It’s just so that two persons do not start to work on the same ticket at the same time. Now if someone else wanted to work on this, they woul see that you are alreacy on it and they could contact you to collaborate.

You can just submit your work on Gerrit for review.