How Do I Connect to Ethernet?

Laptop: Thinkpad T21

I am trying to just get and Ethernet connection going for some good old wired Internet and that doesn’t seem to work. All I have on this laptop are two PCMCIA slots and a USB 1.0 port … I have a CD ROM drive if I need to burn something onto a disk to install an Ethernet driver… Any ideas on what I can do?

If it isn’t automatically recognized, then almost no chance.
Have you checked the Network preflet?

Where can I find that? What does it do? I found some network settings app that only shows whether to turn off and on Telnet, etc.

Thats the preflet. On the left side it should be a list with all the available network interface (WLAN/wired). If there is none, then… yeah… no compatible hardware found.

Afaik the wired ethernet interface located on a PCMCIA card, right?

Unfortunately, no. The Ethernet port is not PCMCIA. Its on the laptop itself. Are there any PCMCIA ethernet cards that WILL work?

I thought it is PCMCIA and that’s why it doesn’t works.
Can you give us an “lspci -nn” output?

… After typing “lspci -nn” via the Terminal, the following message appears, “bash: lspci: command not found”.

Under Haiku the correct command is “listdev”.


Here is the output of listdev from my Thinkpad T21

Thinkpad T21 “listdev” Output Photo

Your device should be handled by the “3com” driver, based on FreeBSD’s “xl” driver (which is still using FreeBSD 9 sources, but this shouldn’t be a problem).

Does anything show at all in ls /dev/net ?

After typing ln /dev/net into the Terminal, the directory turns up empty.

… Any insight on what I can do next to get my Ethernet working? Shall I log a report? Where?

Yes, create a ticket over and attach your syslog there. See

How do I find this syslog?

See provided link on how to find it.

The syslog can be found at:

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Here is my syslog via pastebin … Is this useful?

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Since this is not a bug tracker, you need to create a ticket for that issue and attach syslog there.

KERN: [3com] (xl) bus_alloc_resource(3, [20], 0x0, 0xffffffff, 0x1,0x2)
KERN: [3com] (xl) using memory mapped I/O
KERN: [3com] (xl) bus_alloc_resource(3, [24], 0x0, 0xffffffff, 0x1,0x2)
KERN: [3com] (xl) bus_alloc_resource(1, [0], 0x0, 0xffffffff, 0x1,0x6)
KERN: [3com] 3com: /dev/net/3com/0
KERN: [3com] (xl) reset didn't complete
KERN: [3com] (xl) eeprom failed to come ready
KERN: [3com] (xl) failed to read station address
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Yes, of course. I let that detail slip. Thanks.

If there is a problem with Haiku and your ethernet card, you might be able to try a USB ethernet adapter.