How do I configure BladeEnc for 192kbps!? in BeOS 5


I want to rip Audio CD’s to mp3 with BladeEnc on BeOS 5.
How do I configure BladeEnc in applications like AudioConverter and CDPlayer to rip to mp3 with 192kbps hq?

The defauld is 128kbps, I want to set to 192kbps. Anyone to help?

I had tried bladeenc on windows, and it’s fine.

The windows zip file has a bladeenc.cfg file where you can chage the default settings.

It’s written in bladeenc.cfg that the file should be in the same folder as the encoder (for windows and beos) and settings should be configured.

I tried to put bladeenc.cfg with ‘-192’ set into addons/media/encoders directory as the mp3.encoder is located, but it doesn’t works.

I tried with a mp3.encoder.cfg file set with -192, but it also doesn’t works.

CDPlayer still grabs to 128kbps mp3.

The only BladeEnc build for BeOS I’m aware of is not a media addon but a command line tool. A media addon is exceptionally unlikely to use a text config file.

Nobody used it after LAME became available because it is really, really, really bad.

BladeEnc for BeOS, I’ve found on this site:

Is there any program for BeOS 5 like AudioConverter to massive convert for ex. flac, ape, wavpack, alac music files and to rip Audio CD’s to mp3 using command-line BladeEnc?

That’s a command line build. Whatever you are using via the media kit is not it.

And no.