How do I back off from an update?

Today I ran updates on the Software Updater. Now there are some programs crashing on exit. When I got the crash on W2C2, what I’m working on, I clicked to fill out a report. When I looked at the report it appeared to crash on a push to the stack.

How do I figure out which update did it? There were 3 updates: Vulkan, MPFR and one other. I need to find out which one so I can send out a bug report. I’m on the Beta 4 branch using UEFI boot.

I’ve tried holding space on startup and shift on startup. It boots normally regardless.

Try repeatedly presssing space instead of holding it.

Other way is press and hold the shift key.

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the shift key is not supported for EFI boot. :slight_smile:

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I got into the menu once but since it’s not a nightly build, the early boot menu was no help.

If you installed any packages or uodated any you can boot into the previous state.
If that doesn’t work on the beta that would be a serious bug

How do you access the previous states?

From the userguide (Boot Loader)

  • Under Select boot volume you can specify what former “version” of Haiku to boot. Every time you un/install a package, the old state is saved and you can boot into it by choosing it from the list presented in the boot loader options.
    So, if you encounter boot problems after installing some package, boot a Haiku state from before that time and uninstall the offending package. You can permanently revert to a specific Haiku revision as described in the topic SoftwareUpdater.

OK, thanks! In the meantime I mounted my hard drive from the Haiku install DVD-ROM and the program still crashed. I was able to rebuild from source with nothing enabled but UniStd.h and it ran single threaded. That means it’s probably a dependency of the program I was running instead of the OS. I’ll have to narrow it down farther tomorrow morning. The weird part of it is that the same program ran yesterday without problems.