How creating a font package

I think about new JetBrains Mono. Nice font for terminal.

How creating package from scratch. Is any package Jam or other place/time for creators packages?


Here some links

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Welcome @0xtrzy!

To get the font into the main HaikuDepot repo, you’ll have to create a haikuports recipe for it, see the last link lelldorin posted.
There are many recipes for fonts already at that will get you started.


yes that is a nice one. I use fira code atm… but JetBrains Mono is worth a try…

Ok , I create script. I create copy from web paga because i dont know path will be correct in future.

And Have trouble:

  1. Where I must put my font? is possible put any name?
    for example

  2. I have woof, etc. Put one font in more than one version / type?

  3. Is possible download zip and extract file direct to end directory?

  4. Number of recipe
    for example

  5. SOURCE_DIR is dir with my files, zip or code for using make?

Next Where i must puth my work?
How chceck my recipe?
Where put files?

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You get all this information before, and yes you need to read and learn to do it.

For testing and learning how does files stored you can use my hpkg creator…


To learn more about haiku you can read the haiku Tour…

…or watch my ‘first steps’ Tour with do it your self parts

On our repo server too

As I said, just compare your recipe to the many already in “media-fonts” at haikuports.

I ask about my recipe. In other recipes no exist my questions

Then I apparently misunderstand your questions.

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As @humdinger already replied, many examples in the link he posted …

@Begasus This is unusefull reply. Stupid answer

Already gave answers regarding to these at IRC, creating a font package is easy, for example, check:

There a other examples you can use as a base, but this one should be enough to get you started (as suggested earlier)

EDIT, looking at their site they provide a zip download also, think I mentioned this to you on IRC also?
With that you only have to cp the content of the ttf folder to the correct place (but using #noarchive should work well)

@0xtrzy, didn’t checkout your recipe if it builds, but seems to me you need “#noarchive” for the ttf files, see

Can’t comment more the 3 times, so editing this post:

@0xtrzy, created a recipe based on your work for the newly released version, credits given to you for the original work:

Probably needs: cp -R $sourceDir*/*.ttf ${FONTDIR}

Hey why not reply?

Created a recipe based on @0xtrzy one (with credits there), it’s available in HaikuDepot now

Hmm mean “cp -r” not copy without prompting, overwriting existing one? Is this the right way?

Hence the *.ttf @lelldorin, there are no other fonts like this included