How can I watch youtube videos on haiku?

Hi all, first of all, I want to say I am a linux user(for now) and I´m trying out haiku. Apart from a few problems, the os works pretty well, and if I can manage to solve those problems I will use it as my primary OS. One of these problems, is that I couldn´t manage to play youtube videos. I´m using alpha 4(not the nightly build), i tried using youtube-dl(downloaded from the main site) wich of course didn´t work because it was written for linux. And also, I couldn´t just use html5 because for some reason, youtube says that WebPositive doesn´t support html5.
I noticed, however, that there´s haiku-depot on the nightly release, which lets you install a haiku version of youtube-dl. But I would prefer to stay with the stable release.

Any ideas on how can I play youtube from haiku? Or maybe install youtube-dl without haiku-depot?

Also, none of the answers posted here: worked for me.

HTML5 audio and video has only recently been supported in Webpositive. Try some of the recent nightly builds for a working version.

that´s great, thanks!

Remember that these nightly builds are alpha quality test builds, and sometimes things get broken. The latest builds may not necessarily be the best, so don’t be afraid to try some of the other recent revisions until you find one that works for you.

At this point the alpha 4 release is very old. A lot of features are missing there, and the nightly buils are much better in this aspect.

If you want to get youtube-dl running on alpha4, it should be possible however. The trick is to run it from Terminal using "python youtube-dl". This problem is one of the many small things fixed in the nightly builds.

Well, I got the latest development build and I got youtube-dl plus ubertuber. Everything is working fine, Thanks!

If you use hrev49292 you’ll be able to watch YouTube in Webpositive - no need for UberTuber.
I used to use UberTuber myself until they implemented html5 in the browser. Pretty cool app.