How can i install catalyst drivers

I’ve find AMD catalyst*.run drivers for linux X86_64.
Is it possible to install this drivers on haiku ?
apart the license problem.

No, Haiku is not Linux and cannot use Linux drivers.


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you cannot!

There is a other way ?

Haiku has its own Radeon HD driver, so if you have issues with the display not being detected etc., you can report a bug for that.

You can also blacklist the driver so that it falls back to VESA in the meantime.


Thank you for the help

You cannot !
we do not support it till now or you can say they do not support Haiku yet :wink:

BTW, catalyst is obsolute now… You should ask about amdgpu pro driver.

Thank you
The problem is that I have laptop with a KABINI APU (not fun :blush: ), with the radeon driver I have the screen that flickers and he refuses to change the frequency of refresh.
It was just a question.
I know that with the R1 (for historical reasons?), There will be no 2D acceleration and even less 3D acceleration.
To do with the R2 (If by then, I did not buried it :cry: )

You mean you have kabini APU with Haiku OS installed with radeon driver?

We do not support Hardware acceleration yet.
i know someone was doing it in Gsoc

You may put your hands in it.

better not …
I am not dev.

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Please at least make a bug report with output of listdev, and precise description of the problems (take pictures if it’s hard to explain).

Maybe try fail-safe graphics driver to see if it’s any better.

Of course ,
Before I’m going to do some tests by recovering the features in ~ / var / log0 from linux, and test the fail safe video mode for more info to report.
Thank you