How can I get my monitor working(GeForce 210)?

The native resolution of my monitor is 1440x900.
My graphics card is in VESA mode.
When I run screenmode 1440x900 I get:

screenmode: Could not set screen mode 1440x900x32: General system error

In VESA, the video card BIOS provides a list of videomodes, and we can’t use any videomode that’s not in the list. There is no way for us to set up a custom video mode.

So, until someone writes or ports a driver for nVidia cards, there is no solution.


Don’t we have a mechanism for trying to patch NVIDIA BIOSes?

Not on any modern boards, I think.

The VESA patching mechanism itself is generic, it could work for any card, but we need to figure out where the card stores its modelines (hopefully in a single place) and in which format, so we can inject the custom modeline.

I don’t think anyone has done that research for modern NVidia cards.

How hard would it be to find out?