How can I contribute to Haiku?

I am proficient in Python,
and I am able to coax C code into compiling.
I am interested in having Tkinter on Haiku.



Haikuporter, the utility used to apply patches and compile into Haikuports, is written in Python and Bash. Maybe it could use some love. See GitHub - haikuports/haikuporter: The tool that builds HaikuPorts recipes. for details.

is anyone working on a Tkinter port? I see Tk in HaikuDepot

Doubtful. Considering our current Tk port ia based on SDL2, redoing it with native gadgets as described in the Haiku Book might be a welcome change. The native API for Haiku is C++ though.

Not related, but the list of open apps on the Deskbar has gone into an icon, how do I change it back?

Hi @coolcoder613 , welcome! About the Deskbar issue: do you see like this one?

Or this other one?

the other one

You need to click and grab on the dotted vertical line on the right, and move the mouse down (is easier to do, than to explain in words). Is like trying to pull-down the Deskbar. The key is to click on the dotted line. Here is more information:

There is no seperate package, but the module should be available in python, issue reported: [Python] Using tkinter dead-locks the interpreter · Issue #6967 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub

PS, welcome and any help in any area is very much appreceated. :slight_smile:


dragging it down doesn’t work.

You have to drag the knobbly dots right down to its new position, i.e. right to the bottom screen edge.

It looks like you have hide labels turned on in Deskbar settings. Turn them back on to get the labels back.

there is no hide labels option

“Hide application names”

no, that is not my problem, it is that my desk bar looks like the second screenshot and not the first.
I do have labels.

That’s changed by clicking and holding down dragging on the the little dragger on the right side.

nothing happens when I drag it down, it just stays there

I got it to work! I thought everyone was talking about the dots on the left side, I didn’t see the ones on the right side.

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Are there any other Haiku-related projects written in python?

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