How can I change the icon size and the icon set?


How can I change the icon size and the icon set?

This will help with the icon size:

Don’t think it is easy to change the icon set at this time.

Not that many icon sets that are Haiku-Native out there too.

I had foreseen the icon size to become a problem at some point as well. 64 was fine back in the late 90’s but these days with less and less screens being 72dpi I think this will have to be revised somewhere down the road. It shouldn’t be that big of a problem seeing how Haiku Icons are vector. I think however there should be the option to use bitmap as well.

For the time being, you can still use also old bitmap icons BeOS-style by not using “BEOS:ICON” with type “VINC”, but the old 16x16 “BEOS:M:STD_ICON”, type “Mini Icon” and the 32x32 “BEOS:L:STD_ICON”, type “Icon”. Setting those isn’t userfriendly, however. I never even tried anyway…

That said, I’d be against allowing bitmap icons as alternative. It would take much of Haikus unified appearance if people start mixing and matching bitmap and vector. Having old BeOS apps standing out like a sore thumb bothers me enough. Luckily, the icons can be easily updated…

The one application of bitmap icons is thumbnails for image/* (and maybe video/*), but these will probably be solved differently with their own attribute, providing different resolutions.