How can I change / add to an existing patchset?

Hi, how can I change / add to an existing patchset from game on Haikuporter.

as Example Pipepanic in games/puzzle.

Is there a better tutorial as in the wiki at haikuports.

regards lorglas

  • First run haikuporter to extract the sources, possibly with the --nobuild option
  • Go in the work directory of the recipe, where the source is extracted (ports/games-*/pipepanic/work-*/sources)
  • Make changes to the code in that directory
  • Commit your changes in that directory using “git commit .” for example (all git commands are allowed)
  • Run haikuporter with the --extract-patchset option. The commits are extracted into a patch.

Hi pulkomandy, thanks for your answer. I will test it and hope i get it to work.

What I do, first run the build, make the needed changes, if things are ok …
Clean the build (if you have made the profile for haikuporter): hp -c
Extract the source (without building): hp -b
Make your changes in the sources dir
Check with: git status
Add your changed file(s): git commit -a (depending on how many changes you need you can separate several commits)
Write a commit message in the opening editor, close and save
Then create your patchset with: hp -e

hi, i am without luck.

i do the think, change the main.h file in the work-0.1.3/sources/pipepanic-0.1.3-source/ dir.

Then i make following
git add work-0.1.3/sources/pipepanic-0.1.3-source/main.h

git status says nothing to commit.

i don’t understand why

What is displayed when executing git status inside source directory?

You need to do that inside the sources dir, otherwise you are in a different git repo (haikuports) which has work dir in its gitignore file

That was my error, i didn’t change to the source. now it works.

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