How can I add Haiku to GRUB?

When I first installed Haiku on a partition, I added this stanza to grub.scg:
menuentry ‘Haiku’ {
insmod chain
set root=‘hd0,msdos8)’
chainloader +1

Due to some changes, I need to add it again. However, grub.cfg doesn’t list the menu entries any longer. There are all these references to /etc/grub.d files, and I don’t see any stanzas listed there, either.

Can you help me get to Haiku, again?

On Ubuntu 16.04.5 I use entry:

menuentry “Haiku” {
set root=(hd1,3);
chainloader +1

in ‘/etc/grub.d/40_custom’
I have Haiku on 3th partition of the 1st drive (from 3 installed in system, grub boots from another drive), some times in the past was that Ubuntu mess with drives order, and Haiku can not boot, in that case you need to reboot.
Of course, after adding Haiku to menuentry you must update-grub.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try. If you don’t see anything further from me, I’ll have managed to trash my system. :slight_smile:

Later: I’m back and reploying in Haiku!

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