How add HP Laser Jet M14-M17 printer

I have no idea how I can add a printer in Haiku R1/beta 4 [64 bit].

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1 - Connect your printer to the computer and turn it on.
2 - Open Preferences->Printers.
3 - Click on the “Add…” button.
4 - Write down a “Printer name:” in that empty field.
5 - On the Printer type, select “PCL6 compatible”.
6 - On “Connected to” select the appropriate “port” (most likely one under “USB Port”).
7 - Click “Add”, and from the dialog that pop-ups, select the appropriate protocol (or just try them in order).
8 - Make it the default one (or not, you can change that later) in the alert asking for that…
9 - Click on the “Print test page” button. Select your printer from “Printer”.
10 - If the “OK” button is not enabled, you need to click on the litle button next to “Paper setup”, and hit OK on the dialog that will come up.
11 - Click on the “OK” button on the “Page setup” dialog, and hopefully your printer should output something.

NOTE: This is assuming that printer is “PCL6 compatible”. If not, try the same steps, but use the “PCL5 compatible” printer type in step 5… or if that also fails, see if you have better luck with one of the “Gutenprint” drivers.

The “Gutenprinter” one has lots of “HP LasetJet” models to choose from, but not that specific M14 (M17) model, but maybe one of the listed ones is compatible enough?

Just use “Gutenpriter” for the “Printer type” step (5), and on the “Select printer” dialog that will pop up, select “HP” on the left lists. and then try with one of the “HP LasetJet” models on the right.

That’s as far as I can go (I don’t even have a printer to test). Hopefully you’ll get that printer working!

Good luck!

Edit: fixed some typos/grammar. Numbered the list for easier referencing.


I used the Gutenprinter type
and chose another laserJet model,
and I tried printing

the light of the printer starts blinking immediately after pressing print,
but it doesn’t print

i hope someday
we’ll be able to install hplip on Haiku,
because with it installing any kind of HP printer is very easy,
on both GNU/Linux and GhostBSD
if you have hplip
the printer is added with just one command:

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Bummer, but it was worth the shot trying with Gutenprint.

Have you tried with the PCL6 Compatible driver type (and PCL5) already? Maybe you’ll get some luck with those? (I keep seeing mentions online that those LaserJets are sometimes PCL compatible).

HPLIP has Qt interface and is written in Python so, since both things are well handled in Haiku, it seems easy, right?
The problem is that HPLIP is designed to work with CUPS and linux kernel modules. Some printers are also requiring HPaio which is HP proprietary USB protocol also designed for linux USB stack.
So, it’s more difficult to port than it seems at first glance. Not impossible but when you have reduced manpower like Haiku project, you have to make choices.