Holiday Rate-athon!

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I love ratings systems. They can be a great resource in the decision making process. However, they can be frustrating without end. You are relying on the data entered by others to not only be truthful and accurate, but relevant as well. Getting users to be truthful, accurate, and relevant can be like herding cats. One way the community can moderate this is rating the ratings. Was this rating helpful? Ratings that get negative ratings should get negative relevance in the display. They shouldn’t be removed. It should just be noted which ratings the community finds helpful and which are less than helpful.

Then you’re getting off easy, seeing you’re involved in half of all apps hosted at HaikuArchives. :grin:

This has come up in other threads before. There’s ticket #13006 tracking it (I just changed the title of the ticket to be more descriptive and easily found).
A column to sort after date added/updated would be nice.

Until then, you can generate RSS feeds to keep up-to-date at Haiku Depot Server .

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An update, now we’re at 537 ratings of 309 packages.

Keep those ratings coming! :slight_smile:


Of course you are also welcome to rate the programs listed on our besly repo :slight_smile:

pkgman add-repo
pkgman add-repo

An thats the end report of this holiday rate-athon @humdinger ?

report on x86_64

i cannot rate from haikudepot apps…


I had this in the past, but it seemed to be fixed (for me at least) a while back. Maybe you’ll have to re-open that ticket…

These are the current numbers: 559 ratings of 322 packages.

We can treat those as final for this “Rate-athon” - we added ratings to 85 more packages and 147 ratings over all. Thanks everyone! :clap:

But, of course, this really is a marathon. Every user should try to keep up (or start) rating/commenting the packages they try out. Having lots of ratings is the only way to find good apps in the ever increasing list of applications in HaikuDepot.

ok… issue reopened… on

btw… is this correct place to report? or on github?

As it seems to be some weird bug in the HaikuDepot app, Trac is the right place.

I see a problem with double entries, because if a package of the same App ( Beshare for example) is available on other repos who are displayed on the other ins two, so is see my rating of all available Beshare packages on one.

You see your rating on only the BeShare package that you rated, not on both in their respective repo? Sounds like expected behaviour… Esp. since the available BeShare packages differ in their version.

Ich will check this a little bit deeper next days.

hello all…

my problem have been resolved with help apl-haiku on haiku bug-tracker…
i must remove repositories and re-add it… reopen haikudepot… then i can rate it…

thanks all

I have used a fresh Installation for done days. Before i changed the repos to the current one.

To clarify, people may have this issue if they’ve been using Haiku way before the Beta1 came out and just continuously updated the system. We’ve changed the repo URLs quite a while back. People that started with a Beta1 from scratch already have the correct repository URLs set.

The Update Guide has the details how to make sure the correct repo URLs are used.

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