Holiday backdrops!

In the spirit of the holiday season this December, I decided to make a few Haiku holiday backgrounds (or wallpapers), using the leaves as snow. :smiley:

Have fun, everyone! :smile: :santa: :snowflake: :snowman_with_snow:


Shared new holiday ideas for the Haiku community on Facebook, and would like to share these here as well…

The first set is just like the earlier backdrops, (but uses the color version of the Haiku logo):

The second set uses snow (originally taken from a solid background with BSnow, then edited into the picture from there) instead of using the frosted leaves:


And last but not least, I did decide to have more fun with the snow, so I’ve created some more wintry wallpaper for the holidays as well, in boxed and wide versions, themed for both day and night! :slight_smile:



Hope you guys enjoy these! :smile:


Hey, great ideas…I’ll be using those…they are simple but very much in the right spirit.

I’m in Australia and our Holiday season is more of a beachfront thing but these recall memories of a former life in the northern hemisphere.


These are nice. I went with the extra day 4:3 wallpaper, then I realized the background color did not match the default solid blue of the Haiku desktop. So I upscaled it with waifu2x and now it’s snowing on my desktop. My screen resolution is 1600x1200 so that’s why I went the extra mile to upscale it. Thanks for this.

I now have the nighttime wallpaper on my extra workspace.

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