Hold on updates > hrev51448. Breakage! [resolved]

There’s been some necessary ABI breaking in hrev51449.
Many applications need a rebuild, e.g. Web+, Vision, Pe…

Best hold off updating until those packages are rebuilt.


New WebKit package added to the (official) depot this morning.

Very nice, thanks!
But that new webkit is only available in the official repo at http://packages.haiku-os.org/haikuports/master/repo/x86_gcc2/current , right?

There appears to still be the hold-up at the “buildbottled-repo” at http://eu.hpkg.haiku-os.org/haikuports/master/repository/x86_gcc2/current WRT the webkit package.

There’ve been quite a few packages that needed a bump which are currrently only available at the latter repo. It’ll can take some time those will hit the official repo, because someone will have to manually upload them etc.
Also, many people are probably beta-testing the “buildbottled-repo” to get all the nice good stuff.

Would you say, it’s time to officially switch to “buildbottled-repo” when the webkit package finally hit there?

I’m not sure now if we can announce people can update again. If they use the official repo Web+ works but not other apps, like Vision, ArtPaint and a whole bunch of others. If they use the “buildbottled-repo” they can use all those apps but Web+…

One would need to install Web+ from the official repo, then switch to the “bottled” one to install/update everything else.

Ideally, each repo would have a different “URL” identifier in their metadata, so it’s possible to use them side by side. But that is currently not the case, so adding one will remove the other.

As for the official switch, I’d be tempted to say “go ahead”, but we need to figure out the remaining problems such as why WebKit is failing to build there (and if possible, solving that without bumping revisions a dozen times).

Not much available time from me in the coming weeks, as I’ll be preparing for GSoC mentor summit then a week vacation in the US, and then when I’m back, finalizing the coding sprint organization (with some other non-Haiku events interleaved for extra fun). So someone else will have to care for that!

With hrev51493 most (all?) of the packages that needed a rebuild are available from the “official” HaikuPorts repo (http://packages.haiku-os.org/haikuports/master/repo/x86_gcc2/current).

You can update now with “SoftwareUpdater” or wait until that hrev’s nightly is built, if you want to install from scratch.

If you encounter any packages that are still uninstallable or whose apps are still crashing, please pipe up.