Hi from Poland

Hi! I would like to contribute to Haiku. I remember when I discovered something totally different back in the days which was BeOS R3. That OS was also the first one that I’ve installed using virtualisation software. From time to time I was looking how Haiku is developing and I’ve decided to make next step and contribute to this interesting project.

I’m a python guy which big QA/Devops background and I’m curious how can I help and what can I do for Haiku. I’m also learning rust for a couple of months now.


Hello and welcome! We could use some people familiar with python and rust.
cargo-c has just been merged and I’m looking into rav1e atm (although I need to take breaks from it from time to time) :slight_smile: So any help is much appreciated!

For everything (or the things that end up in Haiku’s depot there is haikuports: GitHub - haikuports/haikuports: Software ports for the Haiku operating system.
Using the tool haikuporter: GitHub - haikuports/haikuporter: The tool that builds HaikuPorts recipes.

In case you need help setting things up you may ask here.



It depends what you want to do :slight_smile:

If you want to do Python and DevOps, there is certainly a lot of work on Haikuporter: Issues · haikuports/haikuporter · GitHub this is the tool used to build HPKG files. Besides the list of issues, I think the tool generally needs quite a bit of cleanup, as large parts of it were written by C++/Perl developers, who did not always use the most Python way to do things.

There are probably also other tasks around the CI and general infrastructure (hosting of the website, plugins for the Trac bugtracker which is also written in Python, …).

If you want to work on the core of the OS itself (kernel, drivers, applications, …) that will be mostly in C++. Certainly not a problem if you want to learn some C++, we’re happy to provide some help!

As Begasuys mentions, haikuports also always can do with some help to package every library and application out there. This is a lot of not very technical work with the occasional more complicated patch. You can decide if you want to help with the simple things or grab one of the more challenging problems there.


Haikuporter looks like a good place to start :slight_smile: