HFS + units

Some know how to mount HFS + units
Thank you

There is no driver for this fs yet. Maybe it’s possible to compile this one using FUSE?


Is this on HaikuDepot yet?

So no, but feel free to port it.

Out of reach for my coding skills… :slight_smile:

Hi all,
I was able to get this building on Haiku with some minor tweaks which have been pushed to the github repo. You’ll need userlandfs installed from HaikuDepot, but otherwise you can just clone the repo and run make.

hfsdump works on a test image, but I haven’t been able to run hfsfuse itself – runtime_loader complains with an ENOENT and I’m afraid I’m not familiar enough with Haiku’s environment to figure out what’s going wrong:
runtime_loader: Cannot open file __APP__: No such file or directory.

Posting since the ability to run hfsdump may be helpful at least.