How can I activate with hey a Tab in a View of a Window ? For instance in the Media-preferences-GUI or in Boneyard-GUI are Tabs to click on and then changes the content of the Window. With hey I am able to click the buttons of a View, or fill input-textfields etc., but until now I found no way to activate such a Tab, after hours of trials and playing around with hey :-(. Only after manually clicking on the Tab, I can continue with hey to work in the changed View/Window. My search in the web (bebits.wiki, freelists-blogs, attila mezei etc.) was not succesful or the websites were down (e.g. betips.net), so I hope somebody of the Haiku-/Be-Developers or specialists are able to help. Thanks so long.

I am a little bit disappointed of many zero-replies in this forum. Why is there no moderator/admin/webmaster, who is able to give an answer (for my sake also a negative of impossibility to resolve the question) ? As an “old” be-user I want to use further on be-zeta-derivates-or-future-haiku on my pc. I cannot understand, that nobody of the geeks-be-fans-etc is not able/willing to answer of each question in this forum. Nobody is using hey ? Nobody is working with BONE ? Silence seems golden … but not in a community of dead BeOS and growing Haiku, or ?

http://wiki.bebits.com/page/HeY has some mentioning of tab usage. I can’t really tell if that’s what you mean, but if you haven’t visited that page yet, you might.

Regarding the lack of response in the forums… Many of the developers (and thus, the persons who are most qualified to answer technical questions) primarily use the mailing lists.

Thanks for answering. Yes, the interesting bebits-document I know. But for my special case I did not found a solution in it :frowning:
The hint for mailing-lists is also useful, I will try this way.
Thanks again for both postings.

Look at the contact options on this webpage, irc could be also a good quick source for answers when the appropriate person is logged on.

BTab objects in a BTabView are not scriptable in BeOS, neither in Haiku. This might change in Haiku :slight_smile:

Selecting a tab with hey has been added in Haiku in r23635

Oh, thanks a lot for that clearing word. Therefor I found with hey … getsuites … no TabView or similiar property of the views/windows. Now I am satisfied, because of no more searching a black cat in a dark room which is not in it :wink: Then I will have a look to the mentioned Haiku-version for the Tab-selecting-option in scripting. Have a nice weekend.