Hex editor

Is there GUI hex editor avalible? DiskProbe is very limited and its design is hardcoded to blocks. It don’t even allow copy hex data as string or select between block boundaries. Best hex editor I found is HexJuggler, but its source code is not available.


Check these out:

  1. https://sourceforge.net/projects/hexdump/
  2. HexD - https://github.com/FireyFly/hexd/
  3. https://github.com/glycerine/golang-hex-dumper
  4. UUDeview - http://www.fpx.de/fp/Software/UUDeview/ (optional)

There is no practical Go port for Haiku.

i use this… https://bined.exbin.org/

I have extracted the memory view from Debugger and used it in my own application. I should publish my modified version (it is used in a closed source application). It gets the data from a BDataIO. It may need some improvements but it can be a good start for this.

It should be possible to port https://apps.kde.org/okteta/


This is just files copied from my work in progress app. Some changes will be needed to untangle it from the internals of the app but I think it should not be too hard to do:

  • Remove references to the EngineData class
  • Remove references to class MemIO and replace it with BPositionIO to make a generic hex editor
  • Simplifications to remove support for read-only areas (I use this in an emulator and it is possible to edit RAM, but not ROM areas)

My plan was to reintegrate this into DiskProbe someday, but I never got to do it.