I have been working on this for a while…

This is an app for viewing help files with a navigation bar on the left side populated from the help file to be viewed.


HelpViewer at work…

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I suggest to increase little white space on sides.

I addded five pixels and made the helpview wider to compensate:

This is really nice - I like it!

Great tool.
What’s the help files format(s) supported?
Does it could handle man pages too?

I guess you can drop the | pipe in window title. “NetFS Control Help” and even “HelpViewer Help” make enough sense.

The file format is documented in the helpviewer help file. It is my own file format although if I kenw enough about man pages, I might write a file converter.

helpviewer is available from the fatelk repo …
The Window Title is set in the help file and can be what the developer requires.

Interesting, Jimmy!
I’d suggest to use a standard file format.
Wouldn’t it be possible to use a xml file?
Is there planned to integrate a search?


A Helpviewer file is more like html than xml. The tags are pre-defined and used to display the data properly in helpviewer. Xml does not define tags.

While it looks nice, why not contribute to (and fix) BeHappy instead? It uses HTML files and can have plugins…