Help with network services and advice

Hello i am new user of Haiku and i want try manage how to configure some basic network services as run apache and try php, try run Python and django or java (maybe glassfish server). I have many problem which were always ruined by some errors, system freeze or my knowledges which are not enought to manage it.

(PHP) I tried cherokee server which i wasnt able run properly or i dont know how to config configuration files (i have had same try with apache server)

(Python) i tried django by pip. instalation was fine everything goes right but at the end when server was running python stopped working.

(Java) I have seen openjdk on online depot but in system depot i cannot find it (i am using 32bit haiku)!/pkg/openjdk_x86/haikuports/1/8/u40_b27/-/6/x86_gcc2?bcguid=bc164-GYAW

my goal is make dynamic web app which will be running on localhost as server in local network. I tried
these 3 ways which i failed or are there other ways how to manage this goal which i have not mentioned?

thank you for all your helps

Servers aren’t the main priority, so you are almost your own. What you can do is to report bugs at the haikuports issue pages, as this is not the appropriate place to do it:

and you can try to update / fix the ports for php/jdk/python, etc. You can find all the required info in the wiki:

For the WebKit testsuite I’m running lighttpd with php, which seems to be working ok. You will need to set up some configuration files, of course.

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Php is not being handled at the server, like your sentence implies. You need to install and configure the php binary itself. That might be a one of the causes of your problems.

Also… Ewwww at java serving anything.

Since you seem not to have a clear idea on how to get the goal running, as you are testing all the languages, i will give you a shorcut:

Both require manually crafting anything but they are easy, embedable, portable to almost a teapot, and dont require a proper webserver to use them.

They have a lot of cons for their pros, that i’ll let you explore.

Alternatively, to serve html & js & css from a folder, to do tests (that’s technically still a dynamic page, on the JS side) you can run the handy:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80

which runs a … ahem… simple http server in port 80, serving from the folder you invoke it as root.


can you help me with that ? or send me some source what all is necessary to do?

thank you for reply

i will test it :slight_smile: i will send you results

Not really, because webkit comes with its own configuration, generated by several layers of python scripts so it’s not easy to extract it. This is why I did not include any more details.

can you give some list of all ports, softwares and etc. which you help you manage it ?

My haiku web local host server running virtual reality atm

Please check again:!/?bcguid=bc1-OFMK&repos=haikuports&arch=x86_gcc2&viewcrttyp=FEATURED&srchexpr=openjdk

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awesome !

they added it this weekend arent they?

korli added them :