Help with c++ app

Hi i wanted create app for haiku but i dont how to start.

I have downloaded besamples and on github i find simple screensavers for haiku.

What this app will do is downloaded wallpapers from etc wallhaven and so and set background images. I wanted created Daemon or console app

My question is how to set background image in haiku is there some example code. Thx.

I´m by no means an expert on programming for Haiku, but here is what I´ve found. By looking at the source code for the backgrounds preferences application (where you can set the background image) I saw that it is done via the Tracker (that´s the file manager that also manages the desktop).

The documentation for the handling of background images via Tracker is found in the legacy BeBook which is available on the Haiku website:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

thanks, i go to try this code. thanks.