Help translating applications with Polyglot


Could someone please add ThemeManager to Polyglot?


I logged in but it shows me this message:

You don’t have permissions to translate anything. They are required to do anything, until suggestions are implemented. See Help for translators for information.


I have translated a few apps, but I feel it takes to long to see results of that work in place. For me, as a user, even though I can be pretty comfortable with English, having an application in my own language counts as a new and significant feature, one that improves overall experience and usability. In my opinion, an application should not have to wait several months or years for other unrelated code changes in order to a new language be made available as an update. :wink:


A release is always up to a project’s dev/maintainer. You can maybe get to a new release quicker by filing an issue at the project’s tracker pointing out there are new translations finished at Polyglot.
The chances improve further if you mention that you could help with the release and offer to create a pull-request with the needed changes (e.g. add the language in the makefile, import the new/updated catkeys, increase minor version in the .rdef, update documentation/history etc.).


The locale kit also allows 3rd party distribution of the locale files. So you can download them from polyglot (I think?) and install them locally, or update it to some website or here in the forums to share with others.

It’s also great for betatesting your translation in real life.