Help Please! Boot Problem! Installation Problem!

Hello guys

I would like to install haiku-os but I can not. I’ve tried everything, the Alpha version 4 freezes the symbol of the missile, the naughtly the same. I bought a laptop to use it with Haiku-os but nothing to do.

I tried to update the firmware of the bios and the dvd-rom, but it does not change anything, I tried to add different configurations of the boot-loader but nothing to do. I’m desperate I do not know more what to do.

My configuration:

Amilo 1655g

AMD Turion 64bit single core 1.8 GHZ
1GB DDR 333 ram
100Gb ATA 133 HD
Ati Radeon Xpress 200 graphics card.
Wifi Broadcom BCM4318

I hope you can help me.

Thank you in advance

Hi Fabio,

if you Haiku stops at the rocket it could be the graphic card.
So i would suggest you first try to boot into failsafe video mode

This is done buy pressing space, right when haiku starts.
Select safemode option and then enable “failsafe video mode” and
then go to "Select fail safe video mode"
The coose a vidoe mode wich fits your needs

continue booting

If this dosent help i would suggest to

Enable on screen debug output

  • Disable on screen paging
  • Enable debug syslog
    and then tell us whats written there when it stops.

Here you can find some more informations about this bootloader options :slight_smile:

good luck

Update: I would suggest you start with the nightly… :slight_smile: it contains a lot more features (better browser eg.) than the alpha 4

If you understand german:

Need to make a new tutorial based on Haiku… i think.

Greetings Lelldorin


I’d recommend trying to get a syslog and maybe filing a bug report, if the nightly gives you trouble as well. You’ll find tips for troubleshooting linked from the Welcome page on the Desktop.


Could you let us know if it worked! The bug squashers can always use the information.