[Help needed] Translations for Userguide/Welcome/QuickTour

Stay tuned for a message by Humdinger… :mega:

We do need more people to help out with the translations.
Besides the whole Userguide, the Documentatio/Translation Tool hosts the Welcome page and - since yesterday - the Haiku Quick Tour. The latter two being smaller, more manageable projects to start with.

Many languages are in need of updates, sometimes only a few changed words/paragraphs and screenshots. If those aren’t done until Beta2, the docs for these languages will come with a mix of English original paragraphs (if at all).

Please, anyone who wants to help, see the wiki page on the Userguide (“Help with translations”).

Once people have introduced themselves at their language’s i18n mailing list, they can be set up with an account at the site (needs preferred login name and email address).

Thanks everyone!

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