Help me install Haiku to VMware Server

I’ve been trying to use this guide ( to install Haiku (or is it BeOS?) in VMware Server (1.0.4) on my Dell 4550 desktop.
When I tried to power on the new VM, the boot splash shows up but almost immediately I get a message saying (among other stuff)
"Boot failure: was unable to mount
/dev/disk/ide/atapi/1/slave/0/0_0 type bfg on /boot"
There was also a lot of stuff and numbers about kernel debugging and the word PANIC showed up too.

Now at this stage I will admit that my install didn’t go completely smoothly (not for lack of trying) and I had two particular problems that almost certainly relate to the boot failure:

  1. The guide asks for two iso’s to be loaded to the two CD drives, one of which is “beos boot iso”. However, the boot image I downloaded was a .img (zipped) file. Is this a problem?

  2. The guide also says

[quote]For the next step you need another vmware machine with linux working on it.
Edit this machine by adding the newly made 1 gb disk.
Now start the machine and format the disk in fat32.[/quote]

Does “linux working on it” mean I really do need something like Ubuntu truly installed and operable on the VM?
Or does it mean the VM must have its OS type selected as Linux (rather than Windows or Other etc)?
I chose the second one but as this cannot be started (nothing to boot from), I don’t get an opportunity to format it to fat32. So when I started the first VM, this second one had not been formatted to fat32
On the other hand, if Ubuntu (or whatever) is really installed, this OS is going to be wiped by the formatting to fat32.
I’m really puzzled about this step and would appreciate some advice.


I think you are trying to install BeOS Max. Using Haiku in VMware is much easier. Just go to and download the latest VMware image.

Now extract the image and start it via VMware Server. :slight_smile:

Thank you.
Yes, that was very much easier.

Good… but how VMWare Workstation finds a Haiku formated partition?!