[help] - haiku r1b1 32bit recent update - reboot. problem

haiku r1b1 32bit update recently - restart… show only blue thing… no tracker/deskbar show…

[update] … i use send ctrl-alt-del to desktop… and klik [restart dekstop] solve problem … but when restart. .problem raise again…

If you are running in a virtual machine maybe there’s some setting in it that may be wrong. I would try to change some of the system settings in virtualbox and try to boot again. Usually Haiku boots fine in Virtualbox.

Have you followed this tutorial?

Try running VBox either in windowed or fullscreen mode; it appears you’re trying to run Haiku scaled, which may cause bugs in getting the Desktop to appear.

You might have installed OpenJDK which has broken some applications and by rebooting, it also breaks the desktop. A fix has been sent for this.

You need to rollback the OS in the boot menu to workaround this. But in general just avoid installing ‘openjdk_x86-1.8.u40_b27-4’.

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… yes… it is happen after i upgrade java… thank for your info…

yes … it is usually work fine… it seem problem same as mentioned by @return_0e

i’ll try your suggestion… thanks

problem solve after uninstall java update… thanks all