Help building haiku?

i don’t know what i’m doing wrong,but when i try to configure the haiku source following this guide, i get this:

Welcome to the Haiku shell.

~> cd haiku/haiku/generated.x86gcc4
~/haiku/haiku/generated.x86gcc4> …/configure --alternative-gcc-output-dir …/generated.x86gcc2 --cross-tools-prefix /boot/develop/abi/x86/gcc4/tools/current/bin/
…/configure: line 382: cd: …/generated.x86gcc2: No such file or directory
~/haiku/haiku/generated.x86gcc4> cd …
~/haiku/haiku> cd haiku/haiku/generated.x86gcc2hybrid
bash: cd: haiku/haiku/generated.x86gcc2hybrid: No such file or directory
~/haiku/haiku> …/configure --alternative-gcc-output-dir …/generated.x86gcc4 --cross-tools-prefix /boot/develop/abi/x86/gcc2/tools/current/bin/
bash: …/configure: No such file or directory
~/haiku/haiku> cd …

although the folders exist and are correct i keep getting this msg.
is there a bug in the latest nightlies? any help would be apreciated.
i’m using the rev:38837 gcc4hybrid.

bash: cd: haiku/haiku/generated.x86gcc2hybrid: No such file or directory

It looks like you didn’t make this directory before starting to configure your build.

mkdir haiku/haiku/generated.x86gcc2hybrid

should fix this error

remove the:
–cross-tools-prefix switch

make sure you have those directories already made.

I think that’ll fix it for you.

thanks guys i finaly got it build(btw tonestone57 you must add the --cross-tools-prefix switch otherwise you get a “invalid argument” error msg.
but now i have another question:
how do i get the bluetooth & the other 3rd party software built with the source,especialy the bluetooth.
i tried with all availble configure options from the guide,like (–3rdparty – multiuser)but at the end all i get is a normal nightly.
so i don’t know what i’m missing.
i’d apreciate your help.

you need UserBuildConfig file.

go into build/jam subfolder. Look at UserBuildConfig.*

Rename UserBuildConfig.sample to UserBuildConfig & edit as needed.

List of Optional Packages you can get Haiku to build with:

Important line of UserBuildConfig optional packages are those below:

Add the optional packages to the image

AddOptionalHaikuImagePackages WonderBrush BePDF WebPositive Pe ;

leave space between last package & semi colon & make sure the line is not commented out.