Hello! - Old BeOS user, New Haiku user!

Hey world!

I’m Josh, I’m a 28 year old webmaster from Texas. I used BeOS for years when Be Inc. was still around. After Be Inc. went under I was hoping something new would happen in the realm of either BeOS being continued or something!!

I discovered Haiku OS about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago, and played around with it for a bit and really liked it.

Now I have set one of my old server PC’s back up as a dedicated Haiku-OS machine, to just fool around with. Also possibly contribute to the project with either code or graphics. I have some programming background, though mostly in C, x86 Assembly and PERL. (and if you go far enough in my past, BASIC… worthless now! LOL!)

I really like where this project is headed and where it is currently. I would like to hang out in these forums and learn. Please do drop in this thread and say hi to me! :smiley:


Hello !!! …And welcome back!!! :slight_smile:

Hi Josh!

Hope you can find a way to contribute. Maybe by creating haikuporter recipes to port apps.


Hi from an old fella who is new to Haiku. :slight_smile: