Hello/привет/здраво/hola etc )) - a "little" question

Hey everyone,
It’s been a while since I’ve posted in here :slightly_smiling_face:

A little while ago, I’ve posted a request for Huion display tablet driver in the development room.
So, the first question is … is there a possibility Huion might be supported in the next Beta?

The next thing I wanna discuss is related to experienced developers/designers … I had an idea for a while.
My goal is to develop a simple, but useful digital drawing program for Haiku. Yes, I know, there is Krita, but Krita is a story of its own.
I wanna develop something that is very simple in design, kinda like those good old (old school) software. Good examples would be pre-CC Photoshop versions, Open Canvas 1.1, or Paint Tool Sai .

So … my issue here is that I have some knowledge in Linux software functionality/writing etc … but I wanna learn how code functions in Haiku specifically and how does it relate/wander of from Linux or other Unix based OSs.

I am asking any developers who are willing to help here, to make something together, that anybody could profit from. When I say “profit”, I am not talking about money lol …
not looking for any kind of gain from this, other than helping the community :hugs:
I wanna make something that both I and anybody else could use for a day to day tasks related to digital art/graphic design/photography etc.

It’s been my goal for a while to fully switch to Haiku as my only workstation (maybe a bit selfish reason lol), but it wasn’t possible so far.


There are a few BeOS image editors that we have the source code for. There has been some recent discussion related to this which you might find helpful, for example this comment of mine from a few weeks ago:

If you are new to the BeOS/Haiku API it might make sense to look at some of these existing programs, either to get ideas of how to write an image editor on Haiku, or maybe to work on one of these and make them better and more modern. These may already be in the more simple style you want.

I link to a few in the above post but there is also Becasso: GitHub - HaikuArchives/Becasso: Paint and imaging software for Haiku, originally written for BeOS by Sum Software.

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I have source code (Linux clone) for an open-source version of Paint Tool Sai, a project that was abandoned.
Maybe that could be useful for making a new Haiku compatible drawing program.

Assuming you’re talking about native Haiku coding, you can also read DarkWyrm’s lessons linked from Development | Haiku Project to get a glimpse into the API.


I don’t know any of those tools so maybe I am a bit off, but have you tried WonderBrush? It is a nice editor with a much simpler UI than krita. If that is interesting to you there is a wonderbrush V3 to replace the V2 we have now but which is unfinished.


Ooh, a major upgrade of Wonderbrush would be amazing!

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Yes, I was talking about native coding.
I will give it a go )

I haven’t tried it yet, because I wasn’t able to make my Huion work last time I installed Haiku.
I am hoping it might be supported now that beta 3 is out.