Hello greetings from Mexico

Hello, my name is Manuel, I have known Haiku for about ten years and I see that the project is progressing very well. I had not been encouraged to participate in this community, only to test the alphas that they release from time to time.

I congratulate you for it.


Hi there Bienvenido.

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Welcome to Haiku! It’s definitely come a long way in 10 years (2014) so I’d definitely give Beta4 a try and see what you think! :smiley:

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I used to download it occasionally too, but R1B4 works quite well now, & so I installed it, & use it sometimes, but it’s not like Linux, so there is a learning curve to using it. :slight_smile:

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I’d say the opposite, indeed…

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There’s always a learning curve, but the shape differs.


Yes, thanks, I have downloaded the latest version and it looks pretty good

Thanks very much and greetings to every One.

Hello Manuel. What is your favourite thing about Haiku?

Well, I like that it is very simple and quick to install, plus it hardly consumes resources. But personally I don’t really like the style of the windows, cut out. I know this functionality is because it allows merging windows, but I am used to the Windows environment and none of that is used here.