Hello everyone

Hello fellow users :slight_smile:

I am quite new to the Haiku community, although I have tested/kept an eye on it for quite a while now.
I am so glad that Haiku is finally ready to be used as a fully capable daily driver (at least for average, eveyday tasks).
I am really thankful to all the developers who are working on this project and making all of this possible :hugs:

Being mainly a Linux user for years, haiku is such a refreshment for me, something I’ve been looking for all of this time lol
A calm, user-friendly and peaceful environment without all of those forceful updates, notifications,useless bells and whistless, colors and unnecessairy GUI elements that only distract you and/or are frustrating.

Pretty much all I need for my day to day tasks is there already, but I have only one suggestin/request.
I hope that someone will be able to help me with that, or make it possible.
Paint Tool Sai is a program that i use for digital art and I was able to run it on Linux using WINE (as it is a software developed for Windows).

So, my question is … is there any possibility to port Sai from Windows, or at least make WINE work on Haiku at some point?

Thank you


Welcome there! :slight_smile:
As for WINE, no one has been able (afaik) to build it on Haiku, as for Sai, looking at repology I can’t find a package there, so probably no sources available?

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
It is commercial software, so that’s probably why (It is a Japanese company btw, Systemax Software).
It is a one-man project and he has been focusing on Windows for years … I will try suggesting him getting in touch with some Haiku developers (hopefully).
He has been very responsive so far, so I hope we’ll be able to make a ‘‘first move’’ towards possibly introducing Sai to Haiku.
Not sure if he’ll be willing to ‘‘give away’’ code, but … if someone could kinda join hands with Systemax , I am guessing it could work out and it would be beneficial for both sides.

I also wanna help, of course, as much as I can, even with my limited coding knowledge.
I could see that Haiku is gaining some popularity in Japan too, so maybe there are ‘‘local’’ developers that would be willing to make this happen :slight_smile:

You can sell software for haiku if you want, it’s not required to be open source or in the haikudepot in order for users to use it. (though haikudepot obviously has a bigger reach, and i dunno how much a market haiku software has currently)

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Yes, I am aware of that … but it is up to Systemax how it would potentially be distributed (if it comes to Haiku). :slight_smile:

Good day @urosdjordjic,

Welcome to the Haiku community… I had to read the nick twice… I was writing Uritsukidoji… wrong one :joy:

While SAI Paint Tool is not available on Haiku, there is Wonderbrush, which is native software and Krita (from KDE). Both work with pen tablets (from my experience) and Krita is being used to create Manga/Anime stuff too, though not specifically targeted at it. You might want to check it out as could be your replacement on Haiku. :wink:


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Good day @roiredxsoto,

Thanks for the suggestions … I gottta try Wonderbrush. :slight_smile:
I already know Krita from Linux days. It is a full-blown, fully capable software, but Sai and Krita are just 2 completely different worlds when it comes to brush engines.
Sai is very simple and kinda old school in a good way … it’s lighting fast, simple and does what it does perfectly, so that’s why I think Sai and Haiku would be a perfect match :slight_smile:

Krita on the other hand is a great software too … but it’s kinda overloaded, overkill (to me).


Good day @urosdjordjic,

Looks like Sai is more like MyPaint, which is what I used on Linux, and is targeted only at “painting”. I moved to Krita when I moved to Haiku, also because MyPaint brushes are getting “included” in Krita too (they’ve made it to Gimp on Linux too), and I enjoyed MyPaint’s brushes quite a lot, though I’m not sure if they have made it to Krita’s port. :thinking: (have to check this).

I understand your point, though, in the meantime, and while there is no Sai feature match software on Haiku, at least you can use Krita (or Wonderbrush). Actually, I use Krita with Krita’s doc page open as still have to learn how to use it properly. :wink:

What I mean is that, where there is a will, there is a way. :wink:



Very simple is ArtPaint


Yeah, I guess using Krita is the best solution for now … if I make my pen work at all lol