HEIC image format, actually easy to parse with libheif

This morning I spent about an hour to get HEIC images visible under Haiku (HEIC is the native iPhone picture format) for my little test app, and it actually ended up quite easy to implement a decoder and converter to BBitmap. This satisfies my use case, but I though Iā€™d share how easy it is to get a basic importer working (using libheif).

See sample of source code: #14909 (Translator for HEIC - High Efficiency Image File Format) ā€“ Haiku

This could be used to create a Haiku image Translator using the code example I linked to, so that all Haiku apps gain access to HEIC formatted images. Anyone who has created a Data translator before should be able to merge the code example and create a Haiku Translator.

The conversion from YCbCr to RGB directly would be faster than going via the YcbCr<->BGR<->RGB route I took, I did the bare minimum to get something displaying and now have other tasks to attend to.


Very nice! It would be really handy for me if included.

You could send patch to: