Heading Off For Now

Good day to you all,

What’s going on here?:
As the fall approaches, I’m realizing how busy I’m going to be during this year, and thus, believe I must take a break from the Haiku community to focus on what I must accomplish. :pensive: This is difficult for me to do, as I know Haiku is in great need of developers who are willing to take a chance and dig into the “core of Haiku”, in addition to knowing how and where to find critical resources & documentation to develop certain portions of Haiku.

Who am I?:
I discovered Haiku by chance around 5 years ago (in between Alpha 4.1 and R1/Beta 1), when I stumbled upon a list of hobbyist operating systems over at https://www.osdev.org (Which is actually down at the moment…). I was surprised to find such a unique project with a simple, unique design.

I’ve looked through all sorts of Haiku code both in userland and kernelland, and other projects too! Despite having this experience, focusing on a single project was always difficult for me, and I would swerve between ALL sorts of projects…

What was Haiku like 5 years ago?:
At the time I joined, Haiku was still transitioning to new web infrastructure and adapting to package management:

  • HaikuPorts was still in its infancy (package builds for HaikuPorts had to be triggered manually… :confounded:)
  • Patches had to be submitted through the Haiku bug tracker (No Gerrit, https://review.haiku-os.org didn’t exist)
  • The Haiku website was very difficult to edit for non-core developers (it was still WordPress-based?)
  • We were still using Drupal…(No Discourse, https://discuss.haiku-os.org didn’t exist…)
  • I could go on and on…

What does this mean going forward?:
I’m not going be touching any Haiku code for a while, though I still might check in every so often. You can tag me of course (both here, and on GitHub), though I can’t guarantee I’ll respond. I don’t know when I’ll be back, it may be very soon or a few years depending…I hope it won’t be too long! :crossed_fingers:

Feel free to check this out:
I have a BUNCH of code that’s unfinished or just sort of interesting to look at, so you can take a peek here if you would like: https://www.github.com/CodeforEvolution
I also have some leftover Gerrit work:

My biggest WIP project would be my work on updating Godot 3.2, you can find more info here: https://github.com/godotengine/godot-haiku-platform/issues/1#issuecomment-685266804

With that, I wish you all well! May we meet again soon in another time and place… :fallen_leaf:

Wishing you all the best,
Jake (CodeforEvolution)


Well …everybody have their focus to be accomplished… we hope you back soon after your goal accomplish…

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Thanks for all the work you did in the meantime @CodeforEvolution, wishing you all the best in the near future and hope to see you back!

Good day @CodeforEvolution,

Reading your post is a bit of a, well…, gloomy feeling. I had great expectations on your work on Godot :grinning: … so I could use it soon… I mean not that soon, around next year, because my pace is also slow, of course :joy:

Nonetheless, I do honestly understand we all have different personal and environmental constrains as well as preferences, thus I also subscribe @mazbrili and @Begasus words: thanks a lot for what you have done and wish you can fulfill your goals.