HDMI monitor for laptop

I’m trying to use an HDMI monitor for a Lenovo Ideapad.
I was able to get it to display linux-Mint, but was unsuccesful to get it to display Haiku.
Any Ideas?



What do you mean? Black screen?

Dual screen display is not possible in Haiku currently. HDMI output is not working with the intel driver yet.

Hi X512,
Yes, the monitor screen was black. What I am wondering, is, can Haiku even tell there is a HDMI cord plugged in? It doesn’t seem to.

The main reason I want to even use a HDMI monitor is because I can dim it. I read some old threads about people not being able to dim their laptop screens, and I think someone said that they just plugged a monitor in.

Thank you for the fast response!

My laptop has an AMD A9 chip. Is it the kind of thing where HDMI display only works with certain chips?

Supporting an external video port like HDMI on a laptop requires special driver support. As PulkoMandy says, even our Intel HD driver for Intel chips does not yet support that and I will assume that it also is not supported in the integrated Radeon R5 in the A9.

Sorry, there is a huge amount of PC hardware and laptops in particular have a lot of complication and with Haiku’s current resources we have limited video driver support. We basically have to work on a big project to be able to support Linux graphics drivers the way we support FreeBSD network drivers. Unfortunately Haiku is not Linux and even that is a lot of work. But it is less work that writing all those drivers ourselves, which is in fact completely impossible for such a small project.

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Ok, Thanks!
I guess I’ll just have to use the laptop screen!