Have a better default Desktop Environment

Can you elaborate on that?

I think that decorators, colors, styles (control’s styles) and themes (some combination of three mentioned before and optional wallpaper and even default deskbar position) must be independent separate settings-options.


Decorators are for window borders only, but there is similar support for swapping BControlLook which is in charge of drawing everything else. We just haven’t exposed a way to load an alternative one yet.

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I can definitely see how the UI could appear old and outdated to a new user in this day and age. I personally find it sleek, modern, easy to use and efficient, especially compared to other “modern” graphical interfaces. Haiku receives an “aye” from me for waiting to focus on UI variation until R2 and beyond.

I am of the opinion new users should at least use the current interface and learn all of its intricacies before desiring and requesting changes. There is a lot that doesn’t immediately meet the eye. Peruse the user guide. What you currently see as old and outdated, may become sleek and modern as you get the feel for it. As an old user of Br5, the Haiku interface is greatly upgraded and updated since the old days. Thank you for implementing stack n tile. OMG Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


Another mod, ‘FlatDiamond’:


Here’s my MacOSX Dock replica for Haiku: HiQDock Video

and see: https://discuss.haiku-os.org/t/hiqdock-new-dock-coming-soon/3691


Looks sweet… being that the style is very macOS like, my only (very small) complaint/observation is that it somewhat clashes with Haiku’s simplistic/no frills look-n-feel. Is it possible to customize the look-n-feel of the dock to feel more at home in Haiku?

Have you checked out DockBert?

Not in ages… I have been pretty much using LaunchBox over the last 5-6 years.

But where we can get it? It just look gorgeous, is cruel :disappointed_relieved:

My preferred dock is lnlauncher, which goes better with the haiku look.

More precise,… when? interesting question…

You can use any .png or .svg icon you want - this is not released as I haven’t yet spent the time to get it working on nightlies (only works on R1/Alpha4) - you’re welcome to a copy of it for R1/Alpha4 to check it out. (requires Qt 4.8.5 - I think - can’t remember if it installs all the needed libs or if Qt is an external dependency)

ah nice so you are still working on it?
what do you wait for? for a Beta release?

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I see what you did there. :joy::laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Open it please.

I am a modern user in this day and age.
If I had a choice between Haiku and Windo$ 10 I would pick Haiku.
In terms of graphics I love the CDE look, but I do not use Haiku because it looks great. I use Haiku because it is great.

what ever happens (or doesn’t) to Haiku’s graphics don’t take away the tab-grouping.


CDE is one of my favorite desktop environments (back in the old days of VMS, SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, etc…) :sunglasses:

It might not be entirely the same, but CDE is still available to try… in a manner of speaking. :slight_smile: Here’s a page with a rare download link for CDEbian. No offense to the alluring looks and charm of the BeOS and Haiku Desktop, but personally speaking, the original Aqua has to be my #1 favorite, imho:


I became a Mac user prior to Mac OS X’s initial release (I even participated in the public beta) and at first I wasn’t all that fond of Aqua and was more of a fan of Platinum (from classic Mac OS), but I came around quickly enough. I was more excited about the underpinnings of Mac OS X than anything else (Unix under the hood for starters, which was a dream come true back in those days).