Has anybody built a PC for Haiku recently?

Has anybody built a PC for Haiku recently? When I say recently I mean up to about a year ago. Intel or AMD I don’t care!

Are you asking because you want to know what hardware is compatible ?

I just bought a complete system from Tarox sold by comforts a german company.
it is a intel i5 2500K with asus board. Everything is working exept onboard sound.
So I use an old Soundcard on the pci port and everything is just fine.

What video card/chip does it have? Has it got a native driver support? I think with nvidia there are no native drivers above the geforce 7000’s. Chipsets that are a few years old now. The AMD/ATI chipsets might have some later support or it is been worked on.

I suppose in a general way yes but only for general interest. My main Haiku machine is my humble NC10 netbook and Haiku runs very well. It would nice to hear from someone who has say has an i5 box or some other mega box and for them to relate about its, what must be, truly mind bending performance.

Aside from potential issues with maybe something like video/audio drivers. Haiku runs pretty good on most madern hardware. There is a hardware list on www.Haikuware.com

Check it over.

Yes I know the site and the list. But as I said I was interested to see if anybody had actually built anything specifically for Haiku as an interesting adjunct to discussion here.