Hardware List for Haiku

I have a Acer TravelMate B117 series on which Haiku runs nearly perfect.
I got it used quite cheap and it has the same size that the Chromebook I had years ago had.
I think it’s somewhat around 11 inch probably.
It has no audio and the SD card slot doesn’t work,but everything else works perfectly with Haiku.
Built-in wifi is supported and perfectly stable,the touchpad even supports gestures like scrolling with two fingers.
It runs on R1Beta3 here,maybe the audio issue is already fixed in the Nighly,if I remember correctly there were some commits related to Intel HD Audio in the meantime,but I didn’t try.
Will also submit the SystemAnalysisTool results for it soon,but I still have 4 more devices to test.

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Did you know ahead of time it’d be that compatible based on its hardware specs?

No,I just hoped the best when I saw it in a local computer shop,as it didn’t look totally new.
I knew that my Medion Akoya (2019) with touchscreen and AC Wifi has serious driver issues with Haiku,so I looked for something that’s more like a traditional old laptop,but still in a smaller form factor.
In the end it was just good luck,it would have been totally possible that Haiku didn’t boot at all.

I was going to try to run this on my Surface 2 Pro, but unfortunately the networking over USB is really unstable and every time I try to do any kind of package management it stops working. Do you have a link to an unpackaged version for 64 bit? I tried just running pkgman with the hpkg, but it wants to refresh all of the repo data and the process stops at that point.

You could use the “package extract” command to get access to the files in the HPKG?

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I will try that later.

Or Download the package from depot.haiku-os.org and open it with my HPKGCreator. Then you can change the entrys and create a new hpkg.

I have to see if I can report something in the next few days.
The day before yesterday I was able to boot Haiku from a USB stick onto the Zotac ZBOX Magnus ER51060 for the first time, WiFi works …
Also my DELL XPS15 L502x again, but hangs with the WiFi (initialization? = Symbol flashes).
Shift and space before / during the boot process have no effect.
The Zotac ZBOX IQ01 no longer boots 32-bit after June 30th, 2021, 64-bit haiku on it, as always, excellent!

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You should deactivate the wifi card in Blacklist eventually?

Shift and space before / during the boot process have no effect.

DELL XP15 L502x

Among other things, it (also) worked in 2020 …

Try an external keyboard. Despite my Surface booting and working with the keyboard cover, it does not work till the OS is at the point of showing the desktop. If I use an external, I can get in to the boot menu. Also for me when EFI booting, hold space from the point the boot process starts to load Haiku. It needs you to do that for it to work reliably. Hammering on space doesn’t work reliably for EFI for sure.

Thanks for the tip.
As soon as my daughter and her twins are back on the road after dinner, I’ll try this!

Have now exhausted and entered all sources (thanks to @ apgreimann). Now we can collect new hardware tests. You can also name hardware for which there are currently no menu entries, these are created quickly.

I sometimes have duplicate entries in the lists. This is due to the fact that I either overlooked this :wink: or deliberately left it there, since one entry suggests a functional card and the other a non-functional card of the same type. This means that this function that is no longer available can be reported to the developers or you can use an older driver.


As soon as I have my physical Haiku machine running I’ll run the tool and send in the data. At the moment I’m only running Haiku in VMs

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Here is finally the data from all my devices where I could successfully boot Haiku:
Lenovo 3000 N200 (Nightly): https://transfer.sh/fnVg4v/sat-lenovo-3000-n200.zip
Acer TravelMate B117 series (R1Beta3): https://transfer.sh/cckQB6/sat-acer-travelmate-b117-series.zip
My desktop computer (R1Beta3): https://transfer.sh/KrUhKb/sat-custom-desktop-computer.zip
dercomputerladen Office-PC (R1Beta3 from USB): https://transfer.sh/i7AJk7/sat-dercomputerladen-office-pc.zip
HP Compaq Presario (R1Beta3 from USB): https://transfer.sh/H3It1l/sat-hp-compaq-presario.zip
GPD Win (R1Beta3 from USB): https://transfer.sh/8KjoSw/sat-gpd-win.zip
Medion Akoya (R1Beta3 from USB): https://transfer.sh/bwIODl/sat-medion-akoya.zip
When the UEFI bootloader for 32bit is ready,I can try two additional devices.


I think it looks not so bad with tested systems with Haiku. The Database is up to date now.

Complete Systems listed: 279
Graphic cards listed:159
Sound cars listed: 80
Network cards listed: 93
Wireless network cards listed: 86
and many more

Now we only have to maintain newly reported hardware.


My three PCs boot Haiku hrev56059 x86_64 from a USB stick on real hardware.
Wifi + native resolutions!:

  • Laptop DELL XPS 15-L501x
  • Mini PC Zotac ZBOX IQ01
  • Mini PC Zotac ZBOX (MAGNUS) ER51060
    More when I have time > @lelldorin

Thanks, but without the hardware names and infos, i can not add them to the list. I will wait then you get the time to do that.

Danke Polli, ohne Hardware Angaben kann ich aber die Geräte nicht einpflegen, da auch intern von Produktionsketten Hardware unterschiedlich verbaut sein kann. Ich warte auf mehr Angaben von Dir, wenn Du die Zeit findest.

Bitte noch etwas Geduld, hier reihen sich die Geburtstage gerade auf- bzw. aneinander.
Das geht noch bis etwas über eine Woche so weiter.