Hardware donations and acess for spurring development?

Would any of the Haiku developers be willing to accept hardware donations to promote development of support for the hardware. I’m located in the Charlotte, NC USA shipping would also be on me. Donated no strings attached just with the understanding that you want to see it working as much as I do. I’ve been around here awhile so I have a good idea of who is capable so I’ll arbitrate who gets what if multiple people want it.

Specifically, AMD Polaris 560 add in cards (I have several), Vega (probably a Vega 56 to the right person), or Ryzen related stuff I have a spare Asrock x370 ITX board I don’t have plans for at the moment and would be happy to donate my 1700x to a developer once I upgrade to 3xxx series. I may have a spare PSU also. I also have a bunch of water cooling parts if they want to get into that though I would suggest swapping out for non rotating fittings as they are less leaky I acutally swapped back over to a basic low profile noctua as it is zero headache.

Also I’m in the process of building an coreboot powered and maxed out KGPE-D16, I would be happy to put it online for testing any hardware I have with it (it will have remote reboot and debugging capability so should/may be useful even if you are a college student working on Haiku with nowhere to store hardware, that means you waddlesplash!)

Specs on the KGPE-D16 are 256GB ECC DDR3 if i cant get it to work, dual 16 core AMD piledriver engineering sample CPUS (OC-able) and a 1 TB SSD. Development could be done either native or with pcie pass through if you want to set that up from the Linux of your preference. It’s on a 100/10Mbps internet connection so not wonderful but not terrible. The KGPE wil also have a Pike 2008 card in it (LSI 2008 SAS controller).

Developers I know of off the top of my head in the USA are @kallisti5, @waddlesplash, @looncraz ,@umccullough, @bbjimmy … and anyone else visiting the USA let me know if you are interested! possibly if shipping isn’t prohibitive out of the USA I will consider that also.


Actually these are RX460 cards I have not 560… basically the same though.

Got the KGPE-D16 booted up on a 12 core tonight will get the dual 16 cores up later… 12 cores is already crazy on Haiku. Only installed 32GB so far but that’s working.

The aspeed BMC seems to crash when booting from it’s VGA so using an rx460 instead. I’ll see about getting serial logs of the crash… Since it would be cool to boot off the bmc VGA also.