Hardware compatibility list?


I read

but was unable to find any documentation stating that the installation is easy on the Asus Vivobook model xxx and can’t be done on Hp Stream xxx

So is there, for Haiku, something similar to

Thanks for any hint

Inofficial hardware-compatibility list (a bit old but many tested hardware)



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thanks, this is great info, maybe worth a link to this url in the Haiku docs?

Haiku has his own list of hardware, but a little bit hard to find:


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you updated your first answer, the link


is what I was looking for (while thinking it does not exist)

I change from the new besly link to the old besly link, because of optical things :slight_smile:

This link is the article of chaotic, who made all this Tests in the past. He does not update his Blog a long time, because of lack of time. We ask hin to add the test and do a hardware list of it.

This link may still be (somewhat) useful in case of an old laptop that needs new life:

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