Hardware compatibility database similar to Frizbe.net

It would be great to get a hardware compatibility database that Haiku users could report to that is similar in nature to that of the old Frizbe.net website (hardware matrix section).


I realize there is a simple table, but it would be great to know what OEM PC hardware that Haiku generally works with without asking the random Haiku user (in IRC, etc…).

Wehave a hardware compatibility list on our knwoledgebase (need to copied to the new site).


Data based of the blog of chaotic: http://aspeers.blogspot.de

Also available on our konwledgebase: http://old.besly.de/menu/search/archiv/artikel/chaotic_hardwaretests.html

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There’s also the Haiku-Configuration-Repo that’s waiting on a capable web developer or a team with a vision where it all should go. A demo of the current state is here.