Happy 2nd Birthday, Alpha 4

Will it remain the everlasting pet of the family?




Of course not!

We had some bad planning last year when merging the package management work and didn't expect it would take more than one year to stabilize everything again. We should have released an alpha 5 before that merge, but we didn't, and now it's too late for that.

So, we skipped the alpha 5 release and we are working on the first beta of Haiku now. As things currently go it will probably be released in early 2015. I'm doing as much as I can to get the remaining issues fixed. Sorry for the delay, but we want to make a good impression with our first beta and there are some unacceptable bugs left.

As PulkoMandy said, a new release is just around the corner!

We are adding and merging the last remaining features (which cause the spikes in the graph Kim linked to) that will be part of our first full release (R1), once that is finished we will do a bit of quality assurance/polishing in preparation of the beta phase. The beta phase will quickly lead us towards actually releasing R1.

The second birthday of Alpha 4 is no cause of celebration at all, because it means that there have been no new releases in more than two years. Really sad.

Actually, I find it to be a good thing because if you read the previous post(s), it appears this means that Haiku is finally proceeding to Beta 1, rather than being stuck in the Alpha stage forever.

The timeline for the release of the Beta was pretty optimistic. It looks very likely that we’ll be wishing Alpha 4 a happy 3rd birthday before it happens.

Today, the Haiku project has been running for 14 years!


Happy birhtday, Haiku!

14 years has seen quite a lot of change. One small thing that happened is most operating systems now ship a built-in spell check feature which works across many programs including the web browser. So you’re less likely to wish anyone “happy birhtday”.

i wondering about thouse people who only active to ask anything, to give negative feedback, telling how all other have his work to do. are this people haiku users or only forum and newsletter readers? so many things have to done so go on, help out the developers with your skill. and when we all have more to do as make talkings about things who have to do or that will better when, then the system have allready done the r1 status.

i am not a c++ programmer and i does not have the skill and expierience to help programming haiku itself but i make something for the community. i create programs in yab, administrate the german usergroup and the besly knowledge base, writing tutorials, make bug reports, write news and now i ask things in the forum to get info for my dayly using haiku as my sytem. there are many ways how to help haiku and the community.

does not ask only… do something!!!

greetings lelldorin

ps: good work haiku developers and all that people who do and not only asking

On a more positive note - Happy 14th Birthday Haiku!
Thanks for the reminder Pulkomandy.

happy birthday, haiku!

the first thing i do is turn them all off! it’s annoying and not near as effective as a good proofread.

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