Happy 21st Dano (and UI concept in homage of Dano! :)

Happy 21st, Dano! You’re my favorite of the classic Be releases, and with a compilation date of November 15, 2001 today’s the day to have some fun! I call this mockup Pineapple since BeOS’ designers used Hawaiian inspired names like Maui :slight_smile:

Inspired by iOS and macOS 13, here’s what I think Dano might look like in 2022:

And here’s what the about box might look like :smiley:

The find box:

And menus:

Finally here’s a refreshed set of Dano window decors!

And as a bonus here’s how I imagine the loading or splash part of it :slight_smile:

Hope everyone enjoyed this! :smile: Happy 21st Dano! :cake: :birthday:



Love dan0 as well. I remember I used it to reverse ‘engineer’ how a graphics driver was supposed to implement hardware video overlay. Got it working nicely I remember :heart_eyes:


Very nice!! :smile:

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Thanks! :grinning: Of all the releases Be ever made that I’ve gotten to explore, Dano is my favorite of all time

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