Handling R5 bugs the right way for Haiku?


I keep noticing that some bugs that gets sent to “Trac” is indeed not Haiku bugs but rather R5 bugs that obviously never got fixed in the BeOS. I’d like to add one example here of one that I submitted.


Now here is obviously an example where the Be engineers did it wrong and where it obviously should be as described in my bug. However, it simply got closed.

If this would’ve been added as an “enhancement” would it have been treated differently?

Basically what I request is for Admins to have a look at some bugs with “critical” eyes and note whether it’s actually something where R5 lacks and it should be considered an enhancement instead and then closed.

Also while at this, how about having a milestone target defined “Glass Elevator”. Doing this would enable all “feature requests” to be tracked in a decent manor. Some can then be closed or simply added as a target with an appropriate release number, be it R2, R3 etc?

What do you think?