Haiku's IRC channels are moving to OFTC! | Haiku Project

After being present for more than 20 years on the Freenode network, we are moving our IRC channels to the OFTC IRC network!

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Will there be channel logs available for this new network as well?

Not yet established. At least we have not yet found a service that logs any OFTC channels yet…

Does anybody have a description of how to set-up vision to connect to the new irc server?

just change chat.freenode.net / irc.freenode.net to irc.oftc.net

Does not connect atm? Is Server on?

64bit Haiku is working 32bit not yet.

What is that / in the server name? I think it should not be there.

I have personally tested this on 32bit Haiku and can tell you that it is working fine.


I made a similar mistake. The port for a ssecure connection is 6697, not 6667.

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Oh strange, yes it is working now thx humdinger.

I think he means change the address from either chat.freenode.net or irc.freenode.net (depending on what you have in your config) to irc.oftc.net. That´s how I interpreted it anyway :wink:

You can find a short guide on how to configure Vision for the OFTC network and how to register your nickname in the blog post Registering your nickname for IRC.

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