Haiku's GCI 2015 winners | Haiku Project

In February the roughly two months long Google Code-In (GCI) period came to an end. See the results of all participating organizations at the GCI site. As always, it’s been a strenuous time for students and mentors alike. Of course, it was a very productive one, too. Unfortunately, statistics are not easily to come by. Amusing, really, considering we’re dealing with Google here… :). While the number of students who were seriously aiming to win the grand price — a trip to the Google headquarters in Mountainview, California for the first two — was relatively low, there were over 50 students that made first contact with Haiku by successfully finishing a handful of beginner tasks. Those were for example: running Haiku in a VM, installing Haikuporter to build a package or, more difficult but also more rewarding, working through DarkWyrm’s two Haiku-centric coding lessons (1 and 2).

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