Haikuports report April 2023

All in all a lot of work has been done, 279 merged PR’s, 4 PR’s open. 28 closed issues, 7 new issues.


Bumped emacs to version 29.0.90.
Fixed documentation location for git-cola.
Fixed llvm12 to add libclang-cpp to prepareInstalledDevelLibs and fixed setuptools requirement.
Added version 0.20220729 for ccls.


Continued fixing recipes offering static libraries.
Fixed builds for recipes (gcc2/gcc11).
Cleaned up some recipes (unified some of the cmake related recipes).
Corrected some recipes for installation paths.
Updated some recipes to use the default python3.9 version now.
Updated TuxPaint to the latest release.
Moved some commands in recipes to seperate tools packages.
Enabled c_ares for x86_gcc2.
Removed some obsolete patches/recipes.
Updated libVersionCompat on some recipes (fixed depending recipes for those).
Bumped several recipes to latest versions.
Removed some left-over libtool files in recipes.
Enabled 32bit rawtherapee.
Fixed some recipes so the cmake config files are stored in the devel package.
Updated shotcut (still disabled as it crashes on launch).
Updated some recipes to use newer boost versions (1.69.0/1.70.0)
Fixed some location for manpages in a few recipes.
BePDF now commes with PDF manuals.
Created new recipe for uthash.


Bumped version for audacity, tenacity, qemu, libcap, tcpdump, iperf3, iperf, libfilezilla, filezilla.


Created new recipe for BlockOut2.


Created new recipe for Samedi.
Added type and app_signature for monsterz.
Updated ffmpegGUI to version 1.2.
Fixed documentation folder for BePDF (fixes “Show help…” menu).


Created new recipe for libtermkey + vis.


Bumped nim to version 1.6.12.


Bumped opencascade to version 7.7.1 (cleaned up recipe to).
Dropped unneeded dependency for ICU (libxml2 package).
Updated ghostscript_gpl, dropped legacy version.
Updated some recipes to use ghostscript 10.
Bumped version for frescobaldi.
Created new recipe for gltron.
Revbumped fig2dev for imagemagick changes.
Bumped version for flif.


Fixes and refinements to 1.6.0 based on upstream for libglvnd.
Bumped libsolv to version 0.7.23, still disabled.
mesa: added disabled experimental mesa 23.1 package (This marks the shift to libglvnd, mesa no longer provides libGL, and only provides an EGL vendor rendering driver in add-ons/opengl/egl_vendor.d)


Bumped revision for Paladin.
Bumped blender3 to version 3.3.6.
Bumped sane_backends to version 1.2.1.
Bumped bind_utils to version 9.16.40.


Bumped version for multiple packages.
Revbumped some recipes for changes due to imagemagick.
Fixed some flaws slipped in for libxml2.


Cleaned up cmake config file for static library libSDL2_static (non existing).


Bumped rust to version 1.69.0.


Continued switching python version for some recipes.
Cleaned up some obsolete recipes.
Continued fixing python recipes.
Created new recipe for oslash.
lagrange: disable use of SSE4.1. Give older PCs a chance.
Created new recipe for pyproject_hooks.
Cleaned up some recipes.
Restored and revived monsterz recipe.
Enabled recipe for schismtracker (64bit).
Updated vim to version 9.0.1479.


Updated gloox to version 1.0.26.
Updated HaikuWebKit to version 1.9.4.
Cleaned up some recipes using reduntant x86_gcc2 references.
Patched libSDL2: do not chdir if started from Terminal.
Updated SDCC to version 4.2.0 (cleaned up patches, added debuginfo package).
Released version 1.0.0 for BGhostview (OscarL bumped the recipe for that).


Updated GPXSee to 12.3.
Updated lagrange to 1.15.7.


Added recipe for OpenJDK17 (switched build to gcc).
Fixed path for cmake for libSDL2
Updated libopenshot/openshot.
Revbumped some recipes for dependencies.
Updated tg_owt.
Updated Telegram.
Added localekit support for unreal_speccy_portable.
Bumped STLover to version 0.8.2.


Added recipes for singularity, hex_a_hop.
Bumped kristal to version 0.4.


Thanks for the report @Begasus, and thanks to all the people involved!

Small addition: @PulkoMandy released version 1.0.0 of BGhostview (and its recipe was updated in 29 April, so… that also counts for this report :slight_smile:).

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Sincere thanks to all contributors!!


Thanks for the pointer, will adjust in the morning :ok_hand:

Thanks for all your efforts :))

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Is it mentioned anywhere that Audacity is a law enforcement application?

Also on 29 April: Habbie’s “libtermkey + vis” PR got merged.

FWIW, HaikuPort’s audacity packages are built with “-Daudacity_has_networking=Off”.

(edit: also… the Tenacity fork is also available)

Both fixed :slight_smile: Thanks!

IIRC this has been discussed already on the forum.