Haikuports: error when try to uninstall a package

Hello! im trying to remove a package that i made with haikuporter, but i get this error: “failed to find a match for packagename” ().


Three questions:
1- Any idea what this happend? the installation put the binaries in the right places and no errors was showed.
2- exist a manual method to remove the files in /boot/system/package-links that reference to this package?
3- this package put files in /boot/system/addons/decorators, exist a method to remove them?


You can simply delete the package from /boot/system/packages. This will clean everything.

Excelent! that fix my problem.

This usually means the package does not have its own name inside the provides section, i.e. for this package it needs to have a haiku_darkstyle provide.

Thanks @waddlesplash. The package nows is uninstallable.